System allows to connect all the security, access control sensors and control all electrical, heating, cooking, audio/video devices. Synchronize their work and effectively exploit their potential. All actions can be performed even without being at home. System functions can be chosen and carried out using a computer or smart phone, or tablet.
Elements of a Smart building
Four things a building needs to make it smart:
Internal network (hardware) – wire, cable, wireless
Intelligent control (protocols for control) – gateway to manage the systems
Home automation – devices within the building and links to services and systems outside the home
Computer Program – software for managing all devices and sensors
Heating and water
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning programmable for daily
activities with remote control via phone/Internet
Water temperature control on taps, baths and sinks
Water quantity delivery controlled and monitored
Hands-free taps and toilets
Water leak monitoring
Lights programmable for daily routines, special settings for watching TV and other activities
Lights come on to guide residents to bathroom or kitchen if they get out of bed at night
Voice controlled lighting
Automatic curtain/window closing depending on light/weather conditions
Energy management
Running appliances when energy is cheapest
Controlling use of air conditioning/heating for maximum efficiency when house is busy or empty
External control of heating by phone or Internet to override programmed system
Automatic gas, electricity and water metering
Information available in real time and archive for even 10 years
Online utility account management via PC (Internet) or TV (interactive service)
Energy use and running cost of each appliance available to help you use them economically
Security – alarms and access control
Alerts delivered to householder via phone or Internet, automatic calling of security services
Video (CCTV) of all vulnerable areas
Window breakage alarms
Entrance by dedicated swipe cards
Whole house deadlock when last person leaves
Security – motion detectors
To raise alarm if occupant fails to get up in the morning
To raise alert if occupant gets stuck in the bathroom
Fall monitors and alerts for elderly people
Security – environmental detectors
Fire/smoke detectors linked to fire service
Carbon monoxide detectors to close down dangerous appliances
Water leak detection

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