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CustomBygg AB provide service for construction companies and private customers. We specialized to energy efficient house, renewable energy, indoor and outdoor reconstruction and maintenance work. Our idea provide reconstruction service and make old and energy inefficient buildings to more close and if it passible to passive house. New construction have variety regulations for energy efficiency, while old buildings are energy wasters and less competitive with new one.  Our mission adapt latest technologies and use eco-friendly materials in reconstruction process.  Many research and survey shows that most of existing buildings built more than 30 years ago.  Cities could expand in suburb with new construction, but the city area still will be with old buildings. Nowadays buildings should have renewable energy and smart systems that contribute to use natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. We support the principle of Boverket „Vision for Sweden 2025“ European Union 2010/31/EU directive, Nordic Innovation „One-stop-shop service for sustainable renovation of single-family house“.

Our clients will get benefits by three dimensions: time, quality and costs (investment).
Time: We work as a contractor and project developer. Our wide network of partners enables us to suggest solution from preliminary inspection to renovation and quality assurance.
Quality: for all service we provide and for all installed materials or equipment we give guarantee and maintenance after-warranty period.
Costs: Our service are individually adapt and solution we suggest depends from detailed building inspection and energy analyses. We‘ll help customers save money on domestic bills and rise the value of the house.

We provide these service to make energy effective building:

1. Preliminary building inspection or energy audit;
2. Detailed building inspection and energy analyses;
3. Solution and project preparation;
4. Project and costs;
5. Renovation process;
6. Inspection during all process;
7. Quality assurance;
8. Consultation;
9. Maintenance after-warranty period;

Energy inspection

We believe that our clients desire to have homes, not houses. And we believe that an essential component of a family is the home in which they live. To assist our clients in achieving their goals, Energy Inspectors provides a seamless integration of consulting services from start to finish – a partnership with our clients in which we attend to every possible concern in developing their green and energy efficient homes. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team excels at providing our partners with in-depth consultative services.


Insulate Your Home for Energy Efficiency get more comfort and Lower Utility Bills.
If you think your home should feel cooler in the summer and warmer and in the winter, you may need to add insulation. A good way to confirm this is to have a home energy evaluation, which includes assessing whether there’s avoidable heat loss from your home.
Insulation helps block heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
Insulation work typically is done with a related weatherization measure, air sealing. Before adding insulation, it’s important to seal air leaks first so air is not moving around or through the insulation.


More energy efficiency since you will dramatically cut a leading cause of energy waste in most homes: inadequate insulation (and air leakage)
More comfort: much less draftiness in the winter and cooler temperatures indoors during the summer.
Estimated savings on your heating and cooling costs

Heating and Cooling

Whether your renovation project is small or large, residential or commercial, call us for all your heating and cooling system needs. Our partner network and experience includes everything from ductwork reconfiguration to gutting of existing structures for installation of complete new HVAC systems. Renovation customers have ranged from private homeowners to commercial enterprises. CustomBygg AB will break down and remove the old and obsolete equipment, then install new systems and components to project specifications.
We offer you prompt service and expert knowledge on the best avenues to take when renovating.. Just contact us for more information on our renovation resources that we have for you or your company.

Renewable energy

With ever increasing energy bills and fossil fuel sources constantly depleting, there has never been a better time to incorporate renewable energy into your home.  Our solar energy systems can generate a large percentage of your requirements. You’ll save money and help make a greener environment.
We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency, using only the highest quality products, and we stand by our guarantee. We are a friendly reliable company who listens to your needs.
CustomBygg AB also provide solutions for wind energy and rain water collection. Contact us for more information.


CustomBygg AB is a full service roofing company.  No job is too small for our attention. We can help renovate old roof or build new one. We use only sustainable materials for you comfort and reduce carbon footprint.

Doors and windows

Replace your old windows and doors with new energy efficient units that will reduce your energy bills.
There are many options available from wood, PVC or aluminium. Windows and doors are one of our  remodeling services. Replacing old and worn out doors and windows adds beauty and value to your home, as well as energy savings.  Our wide network of leading brands means quality and custom fit any window or door for your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your project. We can help you and give the best solution for your needs.


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Information is being prepared.


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